About the BBFA

The Bath & Beppu Friendship Association works to promote friendship between the cities of Bath in the UK, and Beppu in Japan.

The Aims of the Association

In accordance with the Partnership Agreement signed between the Cities of Bath and Beppu in 1994 the Friendship Association will take forward the following aims:

i) To promote friendship between the residents and communities of Bath and Beppu and to support development and nurture co-operation in such areas as commerce, industry, economics, education, leisure, sports and culture;
ii) To support organisations and businesses within Bath and Beppu and to create and maintain contact between companies, associations and individuals in both cities;
iii) To endeavour to develop mutual understanding based upon mutual respect.



i) バース市と別府市の市民および地域社会の友好的な関係を推進し、商業、産業、経済、教育、娯楽、
ii) バース市と別府市における組織と事業を支援し、両市の企業、協会、個人間の関係を創出、維持する
iii) お互いを尊重し、相互理解の促進に寄与すること